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Africa’s Premier Sustainable Smart Cities & Digital Economy Forum is back for the third time and this year’s theme is “Accelerating the realization of Smart Cities and Digital Economy”.

Organized by the Africa Information Technology Exhibition and Empowerment Initiative in collaboration with other critical stakeholders in Government and the private sector. The 3rd Sustainable Smart Cities & Digital Economy Forum will be held on the 2nd - 4th November 2021 at Shehu Musa Yar'adua Center.

SSCFA is a 3-day major event bringing together over 1000 local and international stakeholders at all levels to learn and share the various opportunities for growth in this ever-evolving smart cities and digital economy. The forum will be an innovative platform in promoting strategies for sustainable smart cities development and digital economy that are in sync with the latest technology innovation and to understand the potential of implementing cutting-edge solutions to be a smart, secure and sustainable digital economy. This is an opportunity like no other to meet industry experts and connect with likeminded people.

SSCFA 2021 will analyse the development the country has seen in order to evolve into one of the smart countries in Africa. Smart cities channel urban development with its citizens at the heart of it, and AFRITEX has been leading the way in its various smart city initiatives and plans.

SMART SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES AND PUBLIC SAFETY EXPO will be the highlight of SMART Cities & Digital Economy Forum 2021. It will be a landmark event that will signal Nigeria’s next economic leap into the next digital age that will transform the Nation.

The introduction of 5G, Smart Buildings, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Robotics and Drones Technology will accelerate the implementation of SMART SECURITY, MONITORING & SURVELLANCE systems. These Technologies will not only transform our security and safety but across all aspects of our lives.

Past Partners & Sponsors

The 2021 Edition of the Forum is Expected to Bring Together Over 1000 Senior Level Executives

and decision-makers of medium to large organizations from information Technology, Security, Government, Banking, Media, Telecom, Hospitality, Retail, Travel, Healthcare, Construction, Real Estates Sectors.